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Our Dealers

Dealer Room Hours
Thurs 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Tables 1-3: Cory Glaberson Reel Art

Table 4: Leon Vincent 


Table 7: Jeff Jageman 


Table 8: Steve & David Kukowski lobby cards

Table 9: Joe Burtis MPA Gallery

Tables 10-12: Irv Boime

Tables 13-15: Scott and Shirley Wilson huge selection of Studio/Factory movie and TV DVDs, 7 books of Horror/SciFi Lobby Cards, some one-sheets, vintage original Pin-up photography and other stills, Collectible Movie Tie-in paperbacks and other movie books, vintage Marvel and Movie-TV comics, still-sealed Soundtracks from the '60's and up, as well as vintage movie mags, monster mags, and fanzines, programs, etc.

Tables 16 & 17: Dan Strebin

Tables 18-20: Morris Everett with The Last Moving Picture Company 

Tables 21, 106 & 107: Jason Edgerly Movie Poster Exchange 

Table 22: Albert McFadden with CineImages

Table 23, 110 & 111: Gary Vaughn, Cinemonde, autographs, movie posters, stills, ephemera

Tables 24 & 25: Rich Halegua MPB Auction

Tables 26 & 27: John Millen

Tables 28 & 29: Randy Ringgenberg 

Tables 30 & 31: Lee Brinsmead


Table 32: John McElwee of Greenbriar Picture Shows 

Table 33: Mike Mazzone movie paper: posters, stills & lobby cards

Tables 34-36, 46-49: Duane Pederson and Jim Zicopula 


Tables 37 & 38: Rick Glore movie/TV related items such as autographs, lobby cards, posters, photos, books, DVDs

Tables 39 & 40: John and Rachel DelGaudio

Table 41: Rick Payne

Tables 42 & 43: Maria McLane is selling her late husband Larry's collection which includes one sheets, lobby cards, books, DVDs and other collectables. 

Tables 44 & 45: Alan Litwin 

Tables 50, 51, 64 & 65: John & Margie Wysocki Bushnell Bottle Company vintage jewelry, bottles and more

Tables 52-54: Ken Farrell with Just Kids Nostalgia, selling pop culture collectibles for over 45 years. We will be bringing thousands of photos, negatives and autographs covering the 1930s thru the 1970s. We have an incredible inventory of original Beatles press photos, classic Hollywood photos and obscure TV related images. If you need details, get in touch, or just find our tables at the show.  631-423-8449

Tables 58-61: Dennis Gumaer Insert Outlet

Tables 62 & 63: Steve Michalek Record Soundtracks, Classic Movie and TV DVDs, Movie Sheet Music, Photos, memorabilia

Tables 66 & 67: Tom Helmke of Doubting Thomas Books will display a large collection of vintage Hollywood images


Table 68: Mark Neel motion picture vinyl soundtracks, TV, radio and personality LPs, and DVDs

Tables 72 & 73: Frank Bielski

Table 76: Gary Sloan, 16mm film

Table 77: Steve Salaba 

Table 80: Eric Grayson Dr. Film

Table 81: Steve Stanchfield Thunderbean Animation

Table 82: Alan & Jeff Welch

Tables 84-87: Russ Hughes Over 2500 DVDs and Blu-rays, with emphasis on Golden Age Hollywood and harder-to-find releases

Tables 98-103: John Van Doren

Table 104: Manny Pacheco "Forgotten Hollywood is a media franchise that includes a podcast on Spotify, an award-winning blogsite at and award-winning books. My table will include all three in the Forgotten Hollywood book series, a collection of Forgotten Hollywood movie DVD’s, and other items that will interest patrons of the Columbus Moving Picture Show. Manny Pacheco is a Southern California Broadcaster, an educator in three Southern California Colleges and a noted Hollywood historian."

Table 105: It's All Been Done Radio Hour

Tables 108 & 109: Mike Orlando, Hollywood Canteen, posters, lobby cards, books

Table 112: John DiNardo, Cinema Graphics, lobby cards & stills

Table 113: Bob Kotsopoulos, The Kots Collection, lobby cards & stills, posters

Room 21 

Brendan and Robin Faulkner 

Room 22

Paul Repar, Ed Anastasio, Dave Domagala, Bill Hall, Ted Schroeder, Tim Whaley 

8mm, 16mm and 35mm film

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