Our Dealers


Tables 1-3: Cory Glaberson w/ Nik Effgen of Reel Art Collectables 

Tables 4-6: Irv Boime w/ Joe Burtis -- movie posters, lobby cards and stills

Tables 7&8: Daniel Strebin

Tables 9&10: Rob and Bonnie Zarillo

Table 11: John McElwee

Table 12: Mike Mazzone

Tables 13&14: Rich Halegua w/ Jason Edgerly of MPB Auctions -- posters and lobby cards

Tables 15-17: Scott & Shirley Wilson -- of Words and Music deals in "commercial DVDS, movie-tie in novels, lobby cards from the golden age with a large variety of cult and horror cards, film books, rare VHS, sealed soundtracks from the'50's thru '80's, classic Hollywood magazines and fanzines, and a smattering of one-sheet and assorted posters. Scott has been collecting, basically born into the Hobby, since his dad started buying soundtracks in the late '60's as cut-outs." (pictured right)

Tables 18&19: Lee & Sharon Brinsmead

Tables 20&21: Larry Elig and James Gresham

Table 22: Mike Carbonaro

Table 23: Albert McFadden

Table 24: Paul Repar

Tables 25-27 & 35-38: Carl Hoglund, Duane Pederson, and Jim Zicopula -- movie stills, lobby cards

Table 28: Rick Glore -- autographs, lobby cards & original 8 x 10 movie/TV photos

Tables 29-30: Martin Grams w/ Terry Salomonson -- DVDs, books, and old time radio

Table 32: Jeff Bruce

Tables 33&34: Alan Litwin

Tables 39-41: Ralph Bowman of The Paper Gallery -- Thousands of original still photos, Hollywood books & miscellaneous rare paper

Table 42: Gary Sloan -- 16mm film

Tables 43-45: Bill Major

Tables 46-49: Dennis Gumaer w/ Robert Cullen

Tables 50-52: Juan Ortiz w/ Bob Hager and Greg Pittenger -- DVDs

Tables 53-56: Henry Ottinger

Tables 57&58: Tom & Carla Helmke w/ Bill Banks

Table 59: Jeff Welch w/ Allan Welch -- original movie and TV stills, magazines, miscellaneous movie and TV memorabilia, 16MM films

Tables 60-64: John Van Doren w/ Peter Anderson, Barbara Brown Ryan, Nancy Brown, Jim Thurman and Robert Pickel

Table 65: Dale Hedlund

Table 66: John Paul Deskins

Tables 67-69: Randy Ringgenberg

Tables 70&71: Larry Newman

Tables 72&73: Steve Michalek w/ Earl Musick

Tables 74&75: Charles  Penick 

Tables 76&77: Frank Bielski -- movie sheet music, classic movie soundtrack CDs, classic movie DVDs & 1/2 price books about the golden age of Hollywood

Tables 78-80: John Millen


Steve & Steven Sally -- 
posters and lobby cards


Brendan & Robin Faulkner w/ Shorty Caruso  



Tables 95-98: Steve Madonna

Tables 99&100: Tim Whaley

Tables 101&102: Leon Vincent

Tables 103&104: Don “Otto” & Susan “Bride” Ortolani

Table 105: Steve Stanchfield of Thunderbean Animation


Morris Everett w/ Tom Seeger


Gary Vaughn w/ Mike Orlando of Hollywood Canteen --
movie posters, lobby cards, stills, entertainment autographs, and movie related books
Ray Tomorowitz w/ Jon Ban
Cinevent Tables