Our Dealers

Dealer Room Hours Thurs 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Tables 1-3: Cory Glaberson

Tables 4-6: Jay Rubin

Tables 7: Jeff Jagemann 

Table 8: David & Steve Kukowski lobby cards

Table 9: Joe Burtis Motion Picture Arts Gallery original movie posters, photos and lobby cards


Tables 10-12: Irv Boime

Tables 13-15: Scott & Shirley Wilson, a huge selection of Studio/Factory movie and TV DVDs,  7 books of Horror/SciFi Lobby Cards, one-sheets, vintage original Pin-up photography and other stills, Collectible Movie Tie-in paperbacks and other movie books, vintage Marvel and Movie-TV comics, sealed Soundtracks from the '60's and up, as well as vintage movie mags, monster mags, and fanzines, programs, etc.

Tables 16 & 17: Dan Strebin, vintage original movie, TV, and news photos, 1900-1970s, lobby cards and posters, celebrity-worn clothing, vintage pinup and cheesecake photos, and misc. entertainment industry ephemera

Table 21, 106-108: Jason Edgerley MoviePosterExchange.com 

Table 22: Albert McFadden, 20,000 different NON USA film posters, some on display and others available by order 

Tables 24 & 25: Rich Halegua MPB Auction

Tables 26 & 27: John Millen DVDs 

Tables 28 & 29: Randy Ringgenberg 

Tables 30 & 31: Lee Brinsmead 

Table 32: John McElwee of Greenbriar Picture Shows 

Table 33: Mike Mazzone 

Tables 34-36, 46-49: Carl Hogland, Duane Pederson & Jim Zicopula, one sheet movie posters, 8"x10" Hollywood photos and tons of pin ups

Tables 37 & 38: Rick Glore, celebrity autographs, movie/TV stills, lobby cards, movie posters, DVDs

Table 39- 41: Martin Grams, DVDs and Bear Manor Media books 

Tables 42 & 43: Jon Kitley, "Kitley's Krypt sells all kinds of horror reference books, both newer and out-of-print. We also have pillows, tote bags, patches, and all sorts of other creepy goodies!"

Tables 44 & 45: Alan Litwin 

Tables 52-54: Kenneth Farrell Just Kids Nostalgia

Tables 58-61: Dennis Gumaer of "Insert Outlet" 

Table 62 & 63: Steve Michalek, Vinyl record Soundtracks, DVDs/Blu-ray Classic Movie and TV; Sheet Music, Stills, Various Movie memorabilia. 

Table 66 & 67: Tom Helmke, "As well as our usual selection of smaller celebrity images, we have recently acquired the remaining inventory (12,000 cards) of Tamkin Color the producers of TV fan cards from the 60's-90's." 

Tables 69 & 70: Tim Whaley

Tables 72 & 73: Frank Bielski, movie related books, DVDs, and movie soundtracks CDs

Table 74: Gary Sloan, 16mm film

Tables 75- 77: Leon Vincent 

Tables 78- 81: Henry Ottinger books, 16mm film

Table 82: Jeff & Allan Welch 

Tables 88 & 89: Don "Otto" & Sue Ortolani 

Tables 98-103: John Van Doren, Vintage movie stills, movie magazines, books & sheet music

Tables 109: Mike Orlando, Hollywood Canteen, movie posters, lobby cards, books

Tables 23, 110- 112: Gary Vaughn, Cinemonde, 8x10 stills, vintage autographs, movie posters & lobby cards, Blu-rays

Table 113: Bob Kotsopoulos, The Kots Collection, lobby cards, posters, vintage stills

Room 20

Michael Haynes

Room 21 

Brendan and Robin Faulkner 

Room 22

Paul Repar, 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film