Keeping the Hobby Alive

Samantha Glasser is a Columbus native and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Ohio State University with a minor in film studies. She began attending Cinevent in 2007 and began working with the staff following Steve Haynes’ death in 2015. Her role grew steadily over the years to give her enough experience to run her own convention. She became interested in vintage movies in her teen years when she began researching the behind-the-scenes information about the Our Gang films. Some of her favorite actors include Mary Pickford, Van Johnson, Dick Powell, and Betty Hutton. You may know her by her internet nickname Maliejandra.

Samantha Glasser

Films for Everyone

Our goal is to reach a wide audience: lifelong fans of classic movies, scholars interested in history and film making, and casual movie fans willing to try something new. 

Let's go to the movies!

A Collector's Dream

The dealer room at the Columbus Moving Picture Show has something for everyone, from dollar items for a new collector to posters valued at thousands of dollars for the seasoned veteran. It is a thrill to see so many vintage items in one place.

Get lost in the memorabilia