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Wexner Center Screening

Wednesday May 22

3-D Showcase

Bwana Devil (Arch Obolor, 1952)

Preceded by Hypnotic Hick (1953) and Boo Moon (1954)

Introduced by Bob Furmanek, President and Founder, 3-D Film Archive with Special Guest Jerry Beck.

Wed, May 22 / 7 pm

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This double feature kicking off the Columbus Moving Picture Show includes a new restoration of the film that helped launch the 1950s 3-D craze and two cartoon favorites!


Advertisements for Bwana Devil promised moviegoers “A LION in your lap! A LOVER in your arms!” If the film didn’t quite deliver on that promise, it did inspire a short-lived wave of 3-D films that attempted to battle declining movie attendance.  Starring Robert Stack, Nigel Bruce, and Barbara Britton, Bwana Devil follows the true story of the construction of the Uganda Railway and the British railway workers who happen to be the favorite snack of a pair of man-eating lions. The original prologue about 3-D produced by Milton Gunzberg (rumored also by animation legend Bob Clampett) and starring puppet favorites Beany and Cecil, Lloyd Nolan and Miss USA Shirley Tegge is included in the program. (85 mins, 2K DCP). Preceded by two restored 3-D cartoons: Woody Woodpecker in Hypnotic Hick (6 mins, 2K DCP) and Casper in Boo Moon (8 mins, 2K DCP).


Members of the 3-D Film Archive restoration team, including President and Founder Bob Furmanek, and acclaimed animation historian Jerry Beck will join us for the screenings. This program is presented in conjunction with the Columbus Moving Picture Show, whose members will receive our member price! The annual gathering of classic film collectors and enthusiasts runs from May 23 through 26 at the Renaissance Hotel.

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